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Municipal Drinking Water Industry Municipal Drinking Water Industry
Beijing Guo Gongzhuang water plant to the South water transfer water for the water, planning and design for the 1 million m³ / d. Belonging to the national key projects. Divided into three phases of construction, a project to invest 3.5 billion yuan, the daily water supply capacity of 500,000 cubic meters, by the end of 2014 with water conditions. The total land use scale is 230,000 square meters. One net distribution plant using a Longking New Land 11Kg / h and 2 sets of 6Kg / h ozone generator. Guo Gongzhuang water plant in the conventional treatment of tap water on the basis of the use of advanced ozone and activated carbon, UV disinfection, membrane treatment and other advanced treatment process.
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Municipal Wastewater Industry Municipal Wastewater Industry
Jiaxing joint sewage treatment plant is located in Jiaxing City Haiyan Haitang Township, Zheng Tai Village and the sea between the village, Hangzhou Bay Bridge on the west side, close to Hangzhou Bay. Jiaxing sewage treatment plant design and processing capacity of 300,000 m3 / d, located in the east of the plant, completed and put into operation in 2003, a project existing facilities covers an area of about 20.2hm2. The second phase of the project is also the size of 300,000 m3 / d, located in the first phase of the plant on the west side, completed and put into operation in 2012, the second phase of the existing facilities covers an area of about 18hm2.
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Industrial Wastewater Industry Industrial Wastewater Industry
Liaodong Bay Petrochemical Industrial Park sewage treatment plant renovation project to Liaodong Bay Petrochemical Industrial Park, the industrial wastewater is effectively managed, the treated water quality can meet the national emission standards, the effective elimination of Liaodong Bay Industrial Park caused by the discharge of the Liaohe River Basin Water pollution in the Bohai Sea Basin. The project in the construction process Panjin City at all levels of leadership attention for Panjin City, environmental protection and emission reduction tasks to achieve a positive role in promoting the Liaohe River water and water environment to ensure safety and environmental protection is of great significance.
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Flue Gas DeNOx Industry Flue Gas DeNOx Industry
Pucheng clean energy and chemical limited liability company is Shaanxi Coal Chemical Industry Group jointly China Yangtze River Three Gorges Group jointly funded the establishment of large state-owned joint-stock enterprises. The boiler flue gas desulfurization and denitrification device project using our company 2 sets of 130kg / h ozone generator, since put into operation, the discharge tube performance is good, the damage rate is low, the operation of low energy consumption data indicators stable, fully meet the contract technology Claim. Our timely and efficient after-sales service, the customer expressed satisfaction!
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Other Industry Other Industry
Other industry Ozone equipment performance table
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Closed Closed
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Deodorant equipment Deodorant equipment
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Advanced oxidation of industrial wastewater Advanced oxidation of industrial wastewater
SembCorp Water Co., Ltd. (Lianyungang) – Lingang Wastewater Upgrade Project is based on Phase 1 and 2 of Lianyuangang Shenghai Wastewater Treatment Co., Ltd. The original secondary biochemical process is hydrolytic acidification +AAO, we update it to hydrolytic acidification +AAO composite biofilm process(MBBR), with the treatment capacity of 20,000 m³/d.
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Low temperature flue gas denitrification project Low temperature flue gas denitrification project
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