Open UV disinfection series

Disinfection principle:

Modern UV C disinfection technology is based on optics, microbiology, chemistry, mechanics, electronics, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics and civil engineering and other disciplines on the basis of the use of specially designed high efficiency, high strength and long life C The band of ultraviolet light (T254nm) generated by the device produces strong ultraviolet light to irradiate water or air. When water or air in the bacterial virus through the UV C irradiation area, the ultraviolet light will penetrate the microbial cell membrane and nucleus, destruction of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) molecular bonds, to lose its ability to copy or lose activity, because the cells can not be copied, The microbes will soon die, so that all bacteria and viruses are killed in the absence of any chemicals.

New Zealand NLQ series of open UV C sewage disinfection system using modular design, each UV C disinfection module consists of a stainless steel lighthouse, a number of UV lamp, high transmittance quartz tube, automatic cleaning system, power distribution system and data acquisition system composition. The entire UV C disinfection system consists of a number of UV disinfection module, easy to install, operation and maintenance. Open type is divided into horizontal and vertical two series of products.


Open UV C sewage disinfection system structure:

1, UV C disinfection module

2, imported lamp and quartz tube

3, electronic ballast module

4, automatic control center

5, automatic cleaning system

6, water level control system

7, auxiliary equipment - maintenance crane and rectifier board

As shown below:


Horizontal module features:

Horizontal module materials are corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel, the entire system lamp socket, power socket and UV lamp wire laying are enclosed in the UV lamp module components, it will not be exposed to sewage and ultraviolet light water. The entire module bracket is made of 304 stainless steel and installed above the open channel sewage, each module is set separately, and there is no need to fasten the top of the sewage in the open channel, so the replacement of the lamp or quartz tube, each module can be alone Is lifted and does not affect other modules.

The structure of the module lampholder adopts the latest patent design of the new continent, which is in accordance with the characteristics of hydrodynamics and improves the over-current area, which can effectively reduce the head loss of the UV module, and also has good sealing performance, and guarantee the safety of the maximum.

Vertical module features:

Vertical UV disinfection module for the UV module placed vertically in the disinfection channel, the direction of the lamp arrangement and the vertical direction of the water flow. All the lamps are parallel to each other and are evenly arranged in staggered areas. The design has the following advantages:

1, all the lamp and the casing of the sealed end is not immersed in water, maintenance replacement lamp can be a single lamp directly removed, do not need to lift the entire module and then replaced, very convenient;

2, because the casing sealed end is not submerged with water, it can avoid casing water situation, greatly improving the use of lamp conditions, more conducive to extend the life of the lamp;

3, in the water flow changes, according to the need to scale the UV lamp by module or even row by row, more convenient to save energy;

4, the staggered arrangement of the lamp is more conducive to the formation of turbulent flow patterns, so that the distribution of UV intensity more uniform, improve the use of lamp performance and disinfection effect;

5, submerged with the following structure of the water only for the lamp casing, the water resistance is very small, the overall water damage is very small module.


According to different water quality, water quality standards, the number of channels and size design.