Medium pressure mercury lamp system

Disinfection principle:

Modern UV C disinfection technology is based on optics, microbiology, chemistry, mechanics, electronics, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics and civil engineering and other disciplines on the basis of the use of specially designed high efficiency, high strength and long life C The band of ultraviolet light (T254nm) generated by the device produces strong ultraviolet light to irradiate water or air. When water or air in the bacterial virus through the UV C irradiation area, the ultraviolet light will penetrate the microbial cell membrane and nucleus, destruction of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) molecular bonds, to lose its ability to copy or lose activity, because the cells can not be copied, The microbes will soon die, so that all bacteria and viruses are killed in the absence of any chemicals.


1, a wide range of processing capacity, handling capacity from 10,000 tons / day to 50,000 tons / day;

2, due to heat, casing easy to scale, only applies to the field of water purification;

3, the use of medium-pressure UV lamp, high UV intensity, continuous wavelength of different bacteria have to kill the effect;

4, the device installed a small number of lamps, equipment, small footprint, easy installation, maintenance of small;

5, the system head loss is small, equipment, high pressure;

6, cleaning the use of online machinery plus chemical cleaning methods, special cleaning structure with food-grade chemical cleaning gel, can fully guarantee the cleaning effect;

7, the inlet and outlet with the level of settings, equipment installation convenient, through the flange connection can be;

8, the system structure is reasonable, make full use of the effective arc length lamp, lamp utilization is high;

9, lamp and supporting ballast price is high, lamp life is relatively low.

10, ballast heat and large degree of domestic support, supporting the electrical system design complex.


Electronic control system: start and monitor the operation of UV C lamp. According to customer needs to configure a variety of advanced online monitoring instruments and remote control system.

High-performance high-power electronic ballasts: variable power self-cooling high-power electronic ballasts, high power factor, long life;

Cleaning device: According to customer needs to configure the mechanical automatic (hydraulic or motor drive) cleaning UV C lamp device.

Equipment installation: base fixed, directly connected in between the inlet and outlet pipes, the use of flange or threaded connection. The diameter of the inlet and outlet pipes can be produced according to the user's requirements.

Automatic (mechanical or chemical) cleaning system: According to different needs and the use of conditions to configure the hydraulic or motor drive cleaning device, combined with EPDM material cleaning ring and water distribution cleaning plate to ensure casing cleaning effect, improve lamp utilization,

Level and temperature monitoring: set the liquid level and temperature sensor, for the equipment within the water and over-temperature monitoring, to provide alarm and shutdown signals, the maximum protection system to prevent the phenomenon of high temperature dry.





Treatment of water

(Ten thousand tons / day)

Power consumption


Automatic cleaning method

Control System

Lamp type

Lamp life





Hydraulic / motor drive


Medium pressure UV lamp